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With its 5 km of shoreline, Brittany is the perfect region for fishing on foot.

Kerleven beach: fishing spot

More than 1 kilometer long, Kerleven beach is the ideal place for shore fishing. This is practiced at low tide during "high tides", i.e. when the tidal coefficient exceeds 90.

The booklet of tide schedule is available free of charge at the tourist office.

Tide times



We mainly fish burrowing shells that live deep in the ground.

  • La shell is the most common shell on Kerleven beach. It is composed of 2 valves. Its shells are curved and grooved, they vary from beige to brown.
  • La clam has 2 convex and striated shells of beige or gray color.
  • le couteau is easily recognizable by its 2 fine and elongated shells, of a more or less light brown color which are covered with a shiny varnish.

High tide nature outings

Every year, the tourist office organizes discovery outings of the foreshore which aim to inform the public about the different animals and plants living on the beach. This ecosystem is fragile, it is therefore important to take the right steps to preserve it.

High tide day trips

Discovering the maritime world is always a great moment for young and old.

Discovery outing of the foreshore at night

At nightfall, this unusual visit plunges its participants into a special atmosphere.

Please note that night fishing is not permitted. This outing is not intended to bring back shells.

good practices

The tourist office provides its visitors with practical and educational tools:

  • Personalized rulers indicating minimum shell sizes
  • Personalized nature outings discovery of the foreshore are organized throughout the year, as well as a plankton discovery workshop. The dates are visible in Agenda.
  • Fishing on foot must be done with respect for nature. In order to preserve the resource, it is essential to respect the maximum quantities authorized and to collect only the shellfish that you are going to consume.
  • Consult the tide schedule.

Best practices for shore fishing

Temporary fishing bans

The essential before any practice of fishing on foot: inquire on any temporary bans on fishing on foot.

These prohibitions are displayed at the entrances to Kerleven beach and displayed at the town hall.

Regulations – Prefecture of Finistère

For those looking for convenience...

The professionals of the territory, whether they are shellfish farmers (= shellfish producers), fishmongers, caterers or restaurateurs, prepare shellfish, crustaceans and seafood platters like no one else. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

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