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THEGlénan archipelago is located south of the Britain about fifteen kilometers from the coast of La Forêt-Fouesnant. It consists of several main islands and a large number of rocks and islets.

Nicknamed "the Breton Caribbean", theGlénan archipelago is a real marine gem that offers transparent emerald water and white sand beaches…

Saint Nicholas Island

THESt. Nicholas Island is the main island of the Glénan archipelago but also one of the smallest in France (1,5 ha). The only island accessible by star, it concentrates the tourist activity of the archipelago.

There is a large fishpond, two restaurants (La Boucane and Les Viviers des Glénan) and four houses (summer residences). the Glénan International Diving Center is installed there.

Part of the island is classified as national nature reserve to protect the Glénan narcissus, a plant endemic to the archipelago.

The other islands of the archipelago

  • Stork Island takes its name from its shape (7 corners). She is recognizable by Fort Stork. Property of the state, it is rented to the“Les Glénans” sailing school.
  • Drenec Island located south of Saint-Nicolas Island, home to the sailing school  "The Glenans".
  • The island of Loc'h is the largest in the archipelago in area. It shows a chimney that belonged to a former soda-making facility.
  •  Bananac Island is connected to Sint-Niklaas by a cord of sand, a tombolo, uncovered at low tide. The sailing school “Les Glénans” owns the island.
  • Guiriden Island
  • Brunec Island
  • Quignenec Island
  • Guiautec Island
  • Brilimec Island


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