The sun in Brittany: be vigilant

Even in Breton weather, let's protect ourselves from UV

Brittany is the region of France with the highest number of cases of skin cancer each year. Not living in a hot region, Bretons protect themselves less from UV rays (ultraviolet), which are nevertheless as present as elsewhere!
Even in Breton weather, let's protect ourselves!

Don't forget the kids

From an early age, protection from the sun is essential to protect the health of children.

Children's skin is thinner and therefore more fragile than that of an adult. UV rays are therefore more harmful to them. It is essential to limit their exposure to the sun. Childhood sunburns, even if they don't seem serious at the time, can lead to skin cancer in adulthood.

A few reminders for young and old

  • Put on a hat or a cap: if you are exposed to the sun or practice an outdoor activity (gardening, sports, walks, etc.). UV rays are very strong from early May to late August. And this is valid even if the weather is veiled or cloudy!
  • Find out about the UV index of the day: protection is necessary from the UV index > 3. Be vigilant even if it is not hot, in the event of a fresh wind or if the weather is overcast because UV rays do not heat up! Find the index of your city on
  • Get in the shade between 12 p.m. and 16 p.m.: choose shady places for outdoor activities and avoid exposure to the sun between 12 p.m. and 16 p.m., in spring and summer, because the intensity of the rays is then at its maximum.
  • Put on sunglasses: the sun can also cause certain eye diseases (ophthalmia, keratitis, cataracts, retinal lesions). As soon as you go out, wear sunglasses with UV protection. Choose them well! They must be enveloping, of category 2 or 3 and bear the CE mark.
  • Put on covering clothes: cover up if you have to stay in the sun for a long time. Clothing provides better protection than sunscreen, which should be applied to uncovered areas.
  • Apply sunscreen: sunburn can cause skin burns. To protect yourself and your children from ultraviolet rays, use anti UVA and UVB sun creams, index 30 minimum, even if there are clouds, and renew the application every two hours.

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A campaign by CPAM, the Regional Directorate of Medical Services and MSAs in Brittany.