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The Peniti chapel and its Verdure theatre.

THE Chapel of Peniti

Named chapel of Saint-Maudez or Peniti (penance), built during the 18th century. Like many chapels in the region, this rectangular construction with a canted apse is built at the top of an escarpment.

Inside, 14 frescoes relate the Passion of Christ. They are the work of Victoire de Saint-Luc, a nun from Douarnenez who was guillotined in 1794 at the age of 33.

The private chapel, closed to the public.

The Peniti green theater

An essential scene of life in the forest, the Théâtre de Verdure de Peniti hosts events mainly on sunny days. Groups of great renown perform each year in this magnificent wooded setting: the Bagad Kemper, Red Cardell, The Eostiged Ar Stangala.

Video of Peniti

Among the events offered:

  • The Celtic Nights of Peniti. Celtic music and dance shows. Every Wednesday in July and August, at 21 p.m. Free admission.
  • It Jazz at the Forest. Jazz music concert in July. Free admission
  • To the Rhythms of the World. World music concert in August. Free admission.
  • Cherry Blossom Festival. Traditional Breton festival.

The Fountain of Peniti

Dismantled in the 60s, the fountain was rebuilt identically in 2005. The water from the fountain was known to encourage children to walk.

The bread oven

Built in 2017, the bread oven completes the Peniti site, which is already very conducive to entertainment.

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