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From the 16th century Gothic style Notre Dame Izel Vor church
at the 18th century classic style Manoir de Mesmeur
passing by the washhouses and fountains,
La Forêt-Fouesnant full of little treasures.

The Church of Our Lady Izel Vor

A veritable little country cathedral, this church, largely built during the first half of the 16th century, is dedicated to Our Lady Izel Vor (low tide). She is classified monument since 1914.

Elegant sound bell tower is one of the most representative of 16th century architecture in Cornwall. His Calvary served as a preaching pulpit on busy days. A polychrome statuary adorns the interior of the building. We also notice the baptismal font of the 16th century, a representation of Rosary and altarpiece at the main altar pavilion. A showcase houses the treasures of the parish, including a 16th century vermeil chalice.

Church of Our Lady Izel Vor – more information


Chapel and outdoor theater Peniti

Chapel and outdoor theater Peniti

Chapel of Peniti
and its green theater

Named chapel of Saint-Maudez or Peniti (penance), built during the 18th century. Like many chapels in the region, this rectangular construction with a canted apse is built at the top of an escarpment.

Within the open-air theatre, very close to the chapel, there is a bread oven and fontaine identically rebuilt. The water from the fountain was known to help children walk.

The place called Peniti – more information

Hamlet of Loc Amand

Hamlet of Loc Amand

The hamlet of Loc Amand

There are the remains of the former priory of Saint-Amand, founded in 1069. A counter-curve adorned with two leafy pinnacles surmounts a large surrounding wall and a very beautiful doorway sculpted in the shape of a basket handle.

In front of the gate is a protohistoric stele dating from the Iron Age. The cross at its top is a mark of Christianity. Abandoned for a long time, this stele was erected around 1903. It has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1967.

Loc-Amand – More information

Wood Chief Mill

Wood Chief Mill

THE Chief Wood Mill

The building of the Chef du Bois mill dates from the 15th century and its use as a mill is confirmed from 1772, the date engraved on one of the weirs.

Le water Mill is ranked monument in 1939. It is remarkable for its corbelled turrets and its freestone apparatus.

Moulin Chef du Bois – more information

Cairn St. Laurent

Cairn St. Laurent


Discovered in 1961, it was restored in 1962 and 1966. Classified as a historical monument, this cairn dating from 3 years BC is visible but protected by a fence.

Rectangular in shape, two of its three compartmentalized funerary chambers can be distinguished. A few objects were found there: flint, polished axes, pottery...

Cairn Tour


The cairn is located within the walls of the Domaine du Saint-Laurent campsite (request for access to reception).

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Church of Our Lady Izel Vor

Discover the Notre Dame Izel Vor church and its ordeal in the heart of the village of La Forêt-Fouesnant.

Chapel of Peniti

The Peniti chapel and its Verdure theatre.

Place Amand

The hamlet of Loc Amand is the historic heart of La Forêt-Fouesnant.

Wood Chief Mill

Discover the Moulin Chef du Bois, a 15th century watermill.