Fragile natural environments

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The cove of Saint Laurent

This site covers both the town of La Forêt-Fouesnant and Concarneau. It is the property of Conservatoire du Littoral. It is divided into two entities:

  • the wood of Stang Bihan under the management of the city of Concarneau,
  • the Kerdaniou site under the management of the Community of Communes of the Pays Fouesnantais.

The whole is made up of diversified afforestation. To the west, meadows and fallows mingle with chestnut and oak groves, which develop spontaneously. To the east, the tip of Saint Laurent is colonized by a mixed forest massif.

The afforestation is crossed by the coastal path along its entire coastline.

Its management aims primarily to secure the path hikers.

The Glénan archipelago – ILE Aux Moutons

This group of islands, off the Pays Fouesnantais, is known for its very high biodiversity and his landscape heritage. It benefits from numerous statuses for the protection and enhancement of its ecosystem:

  • classified site,
  • Natura 2000 site,
  • Natural area of ​​ecological, faunal and floristic interest (ZNIEFF),
  • Property of the Conservatoire du Littoral,
  • National Nature Reserve,
  • etc.

It is also recognized for hosting one of the largest banks of maërl (calcareous red algae), the second seagrass bed in Brittany (a marine flowering plant), one of the largest colonies of terns in France and an endemic plant species, the Glénan Narcissus.

For more information on the site's ecosystem, go to the page Natura 2000 of the Glénan archipelago.