The tourist office

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The staff of the tourist office are keen to reduce their environmental impact and actively contribute to the sustainable development of the town.

The layout of the tourist office

In 2021, moving to new premises was an opportunity to reduce its environmental impact.

The municipality has chosen to acquire premises in the building of the former Beauséjour hotel in order to enhance the already existing housing.

The staff at the tourist office wanted the most ecological materials possible for the interior design of the premises: Marmoléum plates on the floor, wooden furniture.

The staff of the tourist office aims to reduce its carbon impact through different actions:

  • favor video conferences over travel
  • carpool to meetings
  • stay for lunch at the tourist office instead of going home
  • walk or cycle to work when possible
  • make eco-friendly gestures


The products sold in the boutique area of ​​the tourist office come from local artisans.