Committed local professionals

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The traders and craftsmen of La Forêt-Fouesnant offer quality products and services.

Guernalay Farm offers organic fruits and vegetables from farm to plate as part of organic farming, respecting the rhythm of the seasons.

The grocery store " The Bulk Loop » highlights local and organic eating. Anthony uses producers located near La Forêt-Fouesnant. Packaging is limited as much as possible in order to respect the “zero waste” concept.

The cider house François Séhédic » produces a 100% organic cider, pure juice, with natural effervescence and unpasteurized. The orchard has 9 apple trees of 000 varieties of apples; which enhances the local area.

« The Fishponds of Penfoulic » produce cockles in Penfoulic Cove and market them for direct sale. For the other seafood they sell, they favor short circuits by using local fishermen and oyster farmers.

« L’Atelier N°5″ – artisan chocolatier and ice cream maker » is committed to a CSR approach through the provision of returnable jars. For each glass jar brought back, 30 cents are credited to the loyalty card. Worried

The bakery pastry “ A Dessert Idea » offers quality products and uses local suppliers.

Fish shop " Nicholas' Fishes » favors short circuits by obtaining supplies from the Concarneau auction.

The shop of the “ Garrec Biscuit Factory "To La Forêt-Fouesnant offers products from the factory based in Bénodet.

La Summer Quarter Creperie sources its flour from the Moulin de l'Ecluse in Pont L'Abbé, the cider comes from the Pontérec cider house, a 20-minute walk from the restaurant. Each year, the creperie honors a local artisan.