Reception of people with disabilities

La Forêt-Fouesnant is a classified tourist resort that wants to become a destination suitable for all audiences.

Kerleven beach

The main beach of La Forêt-Fouesnant is equipped with a Tiralo and sea ​​horse which are available from the firefighters at the first aid station in July and August.

The nautical center of Kerleven

Le Kerleven nautical center organizes discovery activities, training and regattas in partnership with Handi Sport Quimper Cornouaille.

Candy of

The turn of theforest cove, which connects the town and the ports, is accessible by non-motorized wheelchair (unmarked Tourism and Handicap trail). Be careful on the path on the Golf de Cornouaille side, the path has some tree roots.


A La Forêt-Fouesnant, Verdure Theater of Peniti located near the Place de la Baie offers free shows of Breton dances or Celtic music concerts every Wednesday at 21 p.m. in July and August. Spaces for people in wheelchairs are available at the bottom of the stands facing the stage.

Le The Nautile Cultural Center welcomes people with reduced mobility.


The list of accessible equipment


The market takes place all year round on Sunday morning on the Place de la Baie.

A night market takes place in Port-La-Forêt in July and August from 18 p.m.

Public restrooms

The municipality of La Forêt-Fouesnant has accessible toilets:

  • Bay Square,
  • Near the cemetery


The tourist office

Since moving in March 2021 into a whole new premises, the staff of the tourist office of La Forêt-Fouesnant is in an active process to put everything in place in order to best accommodate all people with disabilities for the 4 deficiencies: motor, hearing, visual and mental.

Adapted premises

Since March 2021, the staff of the tourist office can welcome its visitors in a spacious and pleasant space suitable for people with motor disabilities.

A parking space for people with disabilities is located 16 meters from the entrance to the tourist office, on a flat path.

Personalized public toilets are located 80 meters from the entrance to the tourist office, on the Place de la Baie.


Adapted equipment

La reception desk allows 2 stay advisors to welcome visitors standing or in wheelchairs. A chair is available at the bank level for anyone who needs to sit down.

A magnetic induction loop is available to hearing impaired people.

A magnifying glass is available at the reception desk.

Trained staff

The provisional staff plan provides for the training of the members of the reception team. Currently:

  • 3 staff members followed the training “welcoming people with disabilities” Level 1
  • 1 member of staff has taken level 2 training in “welcoming people with disabilities”
  • 2 staff members followed the “Become a Tourism and Disability technical advisor” training course
  • 1 member of staff followed the training “The regulatory framework for accessibility of structures open to the public”

The Tourism and Handicap Association

Tourism & Disability label