The tourist office

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For more than seventy years the tourist office of
La Forêt-Fouesnant is happy to welcome you and advise you!


A little bit of history

  • 1949: creation of theVISITOR CENTER, associative status
  • April 2000: change of status to EPIC (Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment)
  • September 2012: The Forest-Fouesnant becomes the 2nd commune of Finistère to obtain the label " Classified tourist resort« 
  • November 2015: obtaining the Brittany brand
  • June 2016: obtaining the Tourism Quality Label
  • June 2019: renewal of the obtaining of the Tourism Quality Label
  • February 2021: move at n°1 place de la Baie
  • March 2021: ranking in category I


The staff (4 permanent) welcomes the public all year round. A fifth person comes to reinforce the team in season.

Emmanuelle Donio, Enora Le Guillou and Julie Barre, travel advisors,
Françoise Chapalain, director and Hélène Le Guern, president
© P. Tamalet


The steering committee

It is made up of elected officials and socio-professionals from the municipality:

  • President: Hélène Le Guern (elected)
  • Elected: Daniel Goyat, Marie-Françoise Cosqueric, Alain Girault, Alain Jezequel, Vincent Duplat, Francine Stéphan, Claude Bouchet, François Le Fort, Christophe Le Ray.
  • Socioprofessionals: Mickaël Bouillet, Valérie Boustouler, Yann Duchesnay, Thomas Le Corre-Barido, Cyrille Le Coz, Lydie Ory, Christèle Revois.


Classification in category I

The tourist office of The Forest-Fouesnant, which belongs to the network ADN National Federation of Institutional Tourism Organizations got the classification in category I by prefectural decree dated March 22, 2021.

Commitments of the tourist office


The Tourism Quality Mark

The tourist office of The Forest-Fouesnant got the Tourism Quality Label in 2016, then a renewal in 2019. The staff offers an efficient service and welcome to all of its visitors: population, local actors and holidaymakers.


The Brittany Brand

The tourist office of The Forest-Fouesnant is one of the many partners of the Brittany brand.

La Brittany brand is a territory brand made available to all those who wish to refer to the region to promote their activities at national and/or international level. She bears the image of the Britain innovative and creative. It aims to increase the power of attractiveness of the region and to enhance the image of the Britain in Europe and around the world.

Projects and reports

Activity report 2022