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These plants present in the sea and on our coasts are important for the well-being of the marine ecosystem, but the proliferation of some of them can cause nuisance.

Discovering seaweed

Brown, green or red, the coasts of Brittany have several varieties of seaweed with more or less known names: dulse, kelp, wakame, sea lettuce, kombu, nori, sea beans...

Algae have beneficial properties for health and are present in many daily consumer products: food, cosmetics, etc.

Forestoise Evelyne Baron de Nature in Experience offers seaweed discovery outings followed by a seaweed cooking workshop.

The so-called "green" algae

Below you will find practical information regarding the green algae control plan as well as safety measures for collection.

Act against green algae in Brittany

Guide for the protection of exposed workers

Intervention sheets