Circuit “Trémoré”


Here is a bucolic and rural circuit on the heights of La Forêt Fouesnant. From the village, the path first joins the valley of Coat Beuz where it follows the course of a stream. The walk then takes rural paths and crosses a dairy farm before descending to the village by small country roads. The route makes a final detour along the coastal path before reaching Place de la Baie.

Technical information

  • Elevation: 32 m
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Roaming time: 2:20 hour(s)

Comfort / services

  • Walking & more


Access / Distance

  • Environment: In the countryside, By the sea

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1.  With your back to the cove, take the pedestrian crossing on the left of the roundabout and take rue de Penn ar Ster opposite. Turn left into Chemin de Penn ar Ster. At the top of the alley, turn right. At the next crossroads, turn right onto a grassy path. Follow the path in the valley of Coat Beuz. Go up to the left after going along the stream. Join the road and take it to the left. View location

2.  At the next crossroads, turn right towards Tremoré. Cross Trémoré and take the rural road on the right side of the courtyard of a farmhouse. At the crossroads, turn left. Go along the hamlet of Keringard. View location

3.  At the give way, turn left. Take the first right into Hent Leing Hervé. Then right at the next intersection. View location

4.  Turn left. Then, continue straight on the Raker road. Turn right into Chemin de Ménez Bonidou. At the next intersection, turn left into rue de Menez Bonidou. At the stop sign, turn right into rue des Cerisiers. At the crossroads, turn left, cross the Route de Fouesnant and take the small road below. At the intersection, continue straight on rue de Fontaine Lapic. Go down to the school and join the coastal path on the left to the Place de la Baie. View location